Thor Halvorssen Mendoza

What Can I Do In the US to Fight for Human Rights?

If you are inspired by activists like Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, there are ways you can get involved and help fight for human rights. Many in the US do not understand what it is like to have no freedom of speech or religion. However, activists like him are raising awareness worldwide so those living in “free” countries can help those that are oppressed and not able to exercise their human rights and freedoms.

Here are several ways you can get involved in the fight for human rights:

•    Know the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – This special document is the fundamental and international agreement on the definition of human rights and how they should be applied around the world.

•    Petition the Government – As an American, you have the right to make your voice hears. Consider getting involved in petitions aimed at raising awareness of human rights violations around the world. You can also petition legislators to enact human rights legislation.

•    Start a Group – If you want to take a more active role, consider starting a group in your community. Whether you are on a university campus or live in a small city you can raise awareness in your community through an effective group. Likeminded individuals who also have a desire to help will certainly join in.

•    Get Involved with Non-Profits – There are small, large, international and domestic non-profits that share your vision for a free world. If you want to get involved, consider joining one or more of these great human rights organizations and learn how you can donate to a good cause, influence law and help those suffering around the world.

Fighting for human rights can be as simple has handing out a flier to something more complicated like starting a group. No matter your unique talents, they can be put to good use helping others gain their human rights around the world.
What Are Others Doing?

All over the world, leaders, activists and even Nobel Peace Prize winners are working to promote human rights. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, a Venezuelan human rights activist, has founded the non-profit Human Rights Foundation which offers the Oslo Freedom Forum each year. He has also produced several documentary films, including the award winning The Sugar Babes, to expose corruption, child slavery and the disregard of human rights in the Dominican Republic. Others, like Amnesty International, conduct research that is aimed at generating change and ending the abuse of human rights worldwide. The Human Rights Watch, considered the leading independent organization dedicated to the protection of human rights, gives a voice to the oppressed and works to hold oppressors accountable for their actions and crimes.

If you live in the US and want to get involved with protecting and promoting human rights, there are many ways you can get involved. Whether you take his example and start your own non-profit, or simply join with one of the numerous international groups, you will find a way to help those who suffer and are oppressed around the world.

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